Planning A Successful Wedding Photobooth

After waiting for long months, he finally said yes. You are so happy you have done well to spread the good news. Now there is a wedding to plan and your friends are bombarding you with many ideas. Everyone seems to have a great idea of what should be a successful wedding. While you are happy for their help, you really need to calm down and take it all in. If you keep cool and think it carefully, you will realize you have to plan.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. You have to start planning early to ensure there are no last minute rushes and disappointment. Think about sourcing for vendors and the venue. Wedding vendors to source include caterers, photographers, wedding decorators, DJ. By starting early you can be sure to get the right vendors at the right moment. You may also want to consider getting other things like wedding photo booth hire that have exquisite services at affordable prices, popcorn machines and other things to keep people busy.

First things first

Before you start rushing out to source for vendors, you need to be sure of the date and place of the event. Check that the venue is available for the chosen date for photo booth rental services. Also check with the venue management if the venue comes with decoration. When you have the date ready, it will help you source for the right vendors. Vendors will need to know the date of the event so they can check their calendar if they are already booked.

Get vendors

Except you already have ideas about wedding vendors, you may have to ask around for some suggestions. When sourcing vendors, try to get the best ones you can find around and those who are free to take on the task. You will have to talk to caterers and sort out the menu long before the wedding day. Be sure to think about those who are on special diet. Also think of getting a professional photographer to cover the occasion. For you own sanity avoid depending on family members when it comes to wedding pictures. They can let you down at the last minute. Make sure the photographer you are getting understand your needs and is happy to do extra hours for pre wedding shoots and post wedding videos and the like. Above all don not forget to arrange for music. It is your wedding and it is a day to have fun to the fullest.


Never assume that your wedding is a long time away even if it is in a year’s time. Make use of the available time to plan correctly. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute. When it comes to weddings, it is never too early to start.

Surprise Your Friends With A Spa Party

Spa parties are all the rage among women and young girls. If you wish to have a wonderful session of pampering and indulgence with your girlfriends, it would be great to arrange a spa party for your friends. It is not only a great way to relax and unwind, but one can catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives as well as having fun.

What you need

If you are planning to get a spa party organized, you could start by booking a spa service in your city. Many spa salons and centers have large spa rooms where a private group of friends can be accommodated. This can be an ideal destination and all necessary requirements can be arranged with the center coordinator. In case a spa center cannot host a private party, you could get the necessary spa supplies and create a calm and soothing ambience in your own home. To add a fun part, you could even opt for photo booth hire

Create the right ambience

When you hire a spa room or wish to create a spa like environment in your home, you need certain supplies to get started. Usually spa centers have the setup already done and you and your friends can simply venture into and have fun. For your home, you would need aromatic candles, scents, places for the guests to lie down and hire masseurs who will be able to give different kinds of massages or body rubs as required by the guests. One can even get photo booth hire and get images clicked of the guests before and after the session.

Pamper your guests

When you are hosting a spa party, it would be nice to have options for different massages, body rubs and rejuvenating bath for the guests. When a spa room is available at a wellness center, these arrangements can be easily made. From therapeutic massages to beautifying treatments for the face and the body, you can provide a range of options for your guests and ensure that they have a great time.

Wellness food

The spa party would include drinks and snacks that are healthy but not too boring as well. Hence, you could have wine and small bites like bruschetta and canapes served with fresh ingredients, which would put your guests in a good mood. Music and fun can combine to make a spa party a wonderful break for all your guests and leave them feeling rejuvenated. These are some ways to make a spa party a great success. Hiring the right spa people or getting a package deal at a spa center will help one to make this kind of a party a great success.